Guided tours in wooden canoes


The vast forests of Tiveden reach Forsvik and lake Viken and create beautiful surroundings. When combined with the cultural history of Göta Kanal and the industrial history of Forsvik you get a fantastic environment for paddling

In order to give more people the possibility to experience Forsvik from its surrounding waters Hegarts offers guided canoe tours in wood and canvas canoes handmade by Josef Hegart himself. Experience the Forsvik nature and boat building tradition in one unique package.

The tours are given as day tours (about 4 hours) and as evening tours (about 2.5 hours) and are adapted to the weather and the conditions of the group. Josef Hegart is a certified canoe instructor and outdoor teacher with a lot of experience of leading canoe paddling in different settings. Josef is a skilled canoeist with a 10 week canoe journey in the Canadian wilderness on his resume.

The price includes the guided tour, all equipment, and a lot of Swedish fika. State allergies and other food preferences when booking. The guided tours are a recurring event and it’s also possible to book your own, tailored, guided tour.

Starting time:
Duration: about 4 hours
Price: 900 SEK for adults. 450 SEK for children 15-18 years. 300 SEK for children under the age of 15.

Starting time:
about 2,5 hours
450 SEK (no metter the age)

Starting point:
At Hegarts canoe workshop (Baltzar von Platens väg 24, Forsvik).
What to bring: Water bottle, clothes suitable for canoe paddling, a change of clothes (you might get wet and want to change). Hegarts has drybags so your equipment will remain dry during the tour.
Included: the guided tour, all equipment, and a lot of Swedish fika
Required for participating: All participants must be insured and be able to swim.
Maximum number of participants: 8 adults or older children + 4 children


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Contact Hegarts if you want to find another date for your party and get a custom-made tour.