Canoes and paddles



Hegarts builds traditional wood and canvas canoes out of natural materials: spruce and ash from Sweden and a cotton canvas. The canvas is then painted with traditional canoe filler or tar, to make it stronger and waterproof, and then the last coat of paint is added – the colour chosen by the customer.

Prospector 16

Hegarts offers the traditional Prospector 16, the perfect all-round canoe. It’s very balanced: it’s stabile but can also be turned easily on the water, it’s a tandem canoe but also easy to paddle solo, it can be loaded for longer canoe trips but it’s also fun for some relaxed paddling at the beach.

Length: 488 cm
Width: 87 cm
Depth at midships: 37 cm
Height at ends: 63 cm
Weight: approx. 35 kg

Solo Wilderness 14,5

The Solo Wilderness model is a Hegarts original design and is made to be versatile. The shape is reminiscent of a classic Prospector which is course stable but also easy manoeuvrable. Due to the generous freeboard and width of the canoe it can be used in rapids as well as on calmer waters.

Dimensions Solo Wilderness 14,5

Length: 441 cm (14,5’)
Width: 78 cm
Depth at midships: 33 cm
Weight: approx. 30 kg

Hegarts offers canoe building courses. Read more (in Swedish) here.


The key to making great canoe paddles is making beautiful canoe paddles. This is built on genuine craftsmanship and a deep understanding of how the material and shape of the paddle make it flow effortlessly through the water. All paddles are custom-made of Swedish hardwood. Choose blade, grip, length, wood, and finish.

You can read more about the diffret paddles (in Swedish) here